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Intercom Marketing Site + App Example

Updated 31 Oct 2019 | 4 screens | 2 decision points | 11 actions

General comments

  • Timblee Team

    23 Mar 2017

    Hey there πŸ‘‹

    This is an example of the site structure as of December 2016 for the communication tool – Intercom. This shows their marketing site as well as an overview of the logged in area. Feel free to play with this to explore what all you can do with Timblee. 

    If you have any questions, just click on "Ask us anything" via the settings menu on the top right. 

    Thanks! πŸ€—

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    • Valdeci

      28 Aug 2017


    • Jean LEVET

      22 Nov 2017


    • Shadia Llinas

      07 Dec 2017

      hey :)

    • J

      03 May 2018

      I don't think so!

    • Timblee Team

      04 May 2018

      Why not J​? 

    • ramah juha

      31 Oct 2019


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  • ID: 3
    • Felipe

      11 Oct 2017


    • asdasd awfaf

      10 Jan 2018


    • kevin

      17 Oct 2018


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    • Timblee Team

      23 Mar 2017

      In Timblee, you can add comments to specific pages. This can be used to add notes or to discuss the page. Want to add bullet points about the content on this page? Do it here.

      Example: The logged in area is shown on a separate section to keep it separate to the marketing site. πŸ‘

    • serge

      10 Apr 2019

      some comment

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  • ID: 18
    • Dominik

      12 May 2017

      Veryh goood

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  • ID: 21
    Customer Support
    • Mike

      25 Apr 2018

      this is awesome

    • Timblee Team

      25 Apr 2018

      Hi Mike​ so glad you like it πŸ™Œ Please let me know if you have any questions at all - right here, or send through an email to hello@timblee.com :)

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    • Timblee Team

      23 Mar 2017

      Logged in team members can use comments as a checklist and mark them as 'resolved' once any requested updates or changes have been made.

      For example: Hey Roohbir Singh​ I think we should change this page to say "Companies" instead of "Organizations" as it's more consistent with what we currently use. 

      After making this change or any other changes to the page, you can mark the comment as resolved. 

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  • ID: 35
    • ed

      19 Dec 2017


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